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  There are a number of opportunities for media providers and media analysts to add value to their proprietary content by overlaying intelligence assessments.

  • Banner advertising - top of page. Pages range from Analysis (economy, industry, company, technical), to Search/View reports of the same, to Portfolios, IRGs, Models, and more. Rates are set by Cost-per-Click.

  • GigaWealth content contributor - Post assessments in topics ranging from Economic analysis, to industry, to company, to technical analysis. Contribute Portfolios and to IRGs. Include a link to your website promoting your related services, such as Research, premium content, archived materials, etc. Rates are set by Cost-per-Click.

  • GigaTwt advertising - topic sponsor. Associated with each topic within a GigaTwt category, such as the topics associated with "Key Factors" for Company Assessments. Rates are set by Cost-per-Click.

  • GigaTwt posts - posting via GigaTwts with promotion of brand with hyperlink to website. Great way to build awareness and share expertise and insight. Rates are set by Cost-per-Click.

  • Channel subscriptions - establish, own and operate your own channel. Charge GigaWealth a membership fee to belong to your channel. Provide unique, premium content and promote your products / services on your channel. GigaWealth earns a percentage of each subscriber's fee. Other advertising rates (see above) apply, too.

    For more information or to become a media partner, send email to media@gigawealth.net

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