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  College Students    
Are you a graduate or undergraduate student majoring in Economics, Finance or Math and want to distinguish yourself for work in the Financial Services industry?

Or perhaps a student in another field wanting to make a mark and demonstrate your interest and understanding of investment decision making?

Do you want to be fully prepared for the interview question, "If you could invest in a stock right now, what would it be and why?" with an answer that will knock-their-socks-off and help improve your chances of landing that job?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then GigaWealth can help you!   Show me GW!



  Portfolio Management Learn and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of asset classes, asset allocation and asset selection (eg, stock picking) with multiple portfolios with different objectives  
  Investment Analysis Learn and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Economic, Industry, Company and Technical Analysis so you can impress interviewers with your grasp and use of the classical approach to investment decision making with real world information and your own analysis  
  Investment Search Learn and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the process for searching for investment opportunities, and the decision making tradeoffs that are often involved  
  Investment Research Groups Join or start Investment Research Groups (IRG) that help build your expertise in specific Economies, Industries, Companies or Technical areas to further refine your experience and distinguish you for a great job  
  GigaQuote Learn how to interpret GigaQuotes and use them to improve your understanding and decision making, quick and efficiently  

I want to distinguish myself for a great job...    Show me GW!


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