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Does your investment firm want a system that integrates Economic, Industry, Company and/or Technical analysis for a variety of asset classes, and facilitate top-down and bottom-up analysis?

Does your firm want to provide its clients with access to reports, sample portfolios, or asset allocation decisions to attract more investment and build customer loyalty?

Does your investment firm want to find new ways to attract new clients and grow business with existing clients using social networks built around investing?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then GigaWealth can help you!   Show me GW!



  Portfolio Management Create and manage portfolios for clients. Real or virtual with different asset classes (stocks, bonds, CDs), asset allocations (percentages, amounts) and asset selections (eg, stock picking). Control your client's access to them.  
  Investment Analysis Fuse together the internal and external analysis to improve decision making, either top-down or bottom-up, from Economic to Industry to Company to Technical analysis  
  Investment Search Employ a number of stock search methods to identify opportunities  
  Investment Research Groups Join or start Investment Research Groups (IRG) that help build expertise within your firm, and possible connections with clients  
  GigaQuote Learn how to interpret GigaQuotes and use them to improve your understanding and decision making, quick and efficiently  

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