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  Government Agencies    
Does your government agency want a system that integrates Economic and Industry assessments in a hierarchical fashion, allowing collaborators at the local, municipal, county, state, regional and national levels to more readily share information, improve forecasting, increase understanding and improve monitoring?

Does your agency need to make its information more readily available and discrenable to a larger audience of online users who are looking for new modes of access?

Does your government agency want to provide its clients with access to a variety of custom reports that increase your agencies value?

Does your government agency want to find new ways to attract new clients and grow business with existing clients using social networks built around investing?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then GigaWealth can help you!   Show me GW!



  Modeling Create custom models for your agency combining Economies / Geographies and Industries to suit your needs  
  Key Performance Indicators Create Key Performance Indicators for internal use, or share with external clients, and disseminate through the GigaWealth community  
  Publishing Share data, graphs, charts, applications more readily with current and potential clients of your agencies information  
  Investment Research Groups Join or start Investment Research Groups (IRG) that help build expertise within your agency, and possible connections with clients  
  Channel Revenue Establish a channel or private Investment Research Group that requires subscription to raise revenue for your agency's work  
  Portfolio Management Create and manage portfolios that track the economies and industries that your agency manages  
  Investment Analysis Fuse together the internal and external analysis to improve decision making, either top-down or bottom-up, from Economic to Industry to Company to Technical analysis  
  Investment Search Evaluate opportunities in new ways to support Economic and Industry analysis  
  GigaQuote Make your agency's information readily available to a wide audience via GigaQuotes  

My government agency wants to do better...    Show me GW!


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