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Get a GigaQuote The fastest, simplest, easiest path to a holistic view of an investment opportunity
View a GigaTwt commentary GigaTwt provides easy understanding of complex topics.
View a GigaTwt histogram GigaTwt viewed as a histogram.
Perform a GigaCompare The fastest, simplest, easiest path to compare model outlooks
View Eurozone crisis impact on US economy and sectors Impact analysis of the Eurozone crisis on the US economy and sectors
View US Economy Analysis US Economic analysis based on BEA "Economy at a Glance" major economic indicators
View Canadian Economic Analysis View a detailed assessment of the Canadian Economy
View Cloud Computing Opportunity View summary of Morgan Stanley's Cloud Computing Takes Off report and associated portfolios, 23 May 2011
View Sample Jim Cramer, Mad Money, CNBC portfolio View summary of A sample portfolio according to the investing guidelines of Jim Cramer, Mad Money, CNBC, 3 January 2012
View Top Gold stocks and Gold ETFs View summary of Assessments of the top Gold stocks and Gold ETFs
View Collectible Cars of the Future Collectible Cars of the Future, from Dodge Viper to McLaren F1
Top Dividend Paying US Stocks (premium) Portfolio of Top Yielding US Dividend paying stocks (available to premium members)
View China Rebalancing (premium) Model of China rebalancing and its influence on the US Economy and US equities (available to premium members)
Search Investments ( Top / Down ) Search for investment opportunities following the classical approach
Search Investments ( GW-Screener ) Search for investment opportunities using classified, filtered charts
Analyze Investments Analyze Economies, Industries, Companies and perform Technical Analysis
Manage Profiles Your personal, professional and/or IRG profiles
Manage Portfolios Your personal, professional and/or IRG portfolios
Compare Portfolio Holdings Compare the holdings of a portfolio across multiple models
Manage Investment Research Groups Manage your IRG membership
Define Investment Entities and KPI Define Economies, Industries, Companies, Securities and associated KPI
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