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Richard Devlin / NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX  
Security: IBM Stock
Description: IBM stock chart
Analyst: Richard Devlin
Symbol: IBM
Price: $187.97

Securities Analysis  
1. Importance Very important  

IBM is a high dividend paying stock that consistently accrues value over time.

2. Wisdom Important  

IBM is a stock that every investor should have in a 20 stock portfolio.

3. Knowledge Important  

IBM has soft revenue growth and profit margin squeezes. Their stock is locked in a trading range: low of 185, high of 210, very high of 215.

4. Current Assessment Good  

IBM should bounce off the floor of 185 and slowly drift between that floor and 210.

5. Future Assessment Good  

IBM is going to trade in the range of 185 to 210 for the forseeable future.

6. Risk High  

IBM has consistently risen to the twofold challenge of macro-economic conditions and constant technology innovation. The risk to their business is considerable. However, they remain a reliable dividend paying company with proven stock appreciation over time.

7. Trade Buy  

With the stock price at the low end of the trading range, IBM is a short term buy opportunity, and a long term hold.

8. Portfolio Overweight  

With IBM at the low-end of its expected trading range, it would be a good opportunity to overweight a portfolio with its holding.

Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   215+ 10%

IBM finds new technology or Internet service.

2. Good   210+ 20%

IBM acquires major player.

3. Fair   185+ 50%
4. Bad   185- 20%
5. Terrible   150- 0%
Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 20-50-100 day Simple Moving Average   Very important   Bad   Bad
2. 5-10-20 day Simple Moving Average   Very important   Bad   Bad
3. 50-100-200 day Simple Moving Average   Very important   Bad   Bad
4. Bollinger Bands   Very important   Good   Good
5. Stochastic Oscillator   Very important   Good   Good
6. MACD   Important   Fair   Fair
7. Parabolic SAR   Important   Bad   Bad
8. Price / Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio)   Important   Fair   Fair
9. RSI   Important   Bad   Bad
10. Stock Price and Volume   Important   Fair   Fair
11. Stock Splits   Important   Fair   Fair

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