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Edward Devlin / NASDAQ-NYSE-AMEX Model
Name: Technology
Description: US Technology sector
Author: Chris Devlin
Industry Analysis  
1. Importance Important   The Technology sector is important because it includes industries that provide improvements in productivity and expansion in capacity to the US economy. The industries include
  • Computer Software: Prepackaged Software
  • Semiconductors
  • Professional Services
  • Computer Communications
  • Computer Manufacturing
    and others.
  • 2. Wisdom Important   increasing investment in the Technology sector is an indication that the economy is achieving a higher level of efficiency and capacity to fuel growth.
    3. Knowledge Important   The Technology sector needs to be growing more than 5% in order for the US economy to maintain an average growth rate.
    4. Current Assessment Good   Technology is a strong sector that will be one of the top as the US federal government has passed legislation making it attractive for corporations to invest in technology to improve productivity and capacity.
    5. Future Assessment Good   The Technology sector will outperform most of the other sectors of the US economy as it slowly recovers in 2011.
    Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
       Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
    1. Awesome   30% > 10%
    2. Good   60% > 5%
    3. Fair   10% > 2%
    4. Bad   0% > 0%
    5. Terrible   0% < 0%
    Key Performance Indicators

    Key Performance Indicator Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
    1. Government Regulated Industry   Very important   Good   Good
    2. Legal/Regulatory/Compliance Impact   Very important   Fair   Fair
    3. Substitute Products or Services   Very important   Good   Good
    4. Cumulative Annual Profit Growth Rate (CAPGR)   Important   Good   Good
    5. Internal Competition   Important   Good   Awesome
    6. New Entrants   Important   Fair   Good
    7. Supplier's Power   Important   Good   Good
    8. Bankruptcies   Neutral   Fair   Good
    9. Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)   Neutral   Good   Good
    10. Market Capitalization Growth Rate   Neutral   Good   Good
    11. Natural Disaster Impact   Neutral   Awesome   Awesome
    12. Barriers to Entry   Not important   Terrible   Fair
    13. Buyer's Power   Not important   Fair   Good
    14. Man Made Disaster Impact   Not important   Fair   Fair
    Linked Entities

    Sub-Industry Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
    1. Computer Software: Prepackaged Software   Important   Good   Good
    2. Diversified Commercial Services   Important   Good   Good
    3. Computer Communications Equipment   Important   Good   Good
    4. Semiconductors   Important   Good   Good
    5. EDP Services   Important   Good   Good
    6. Advertising   Important   Good   Good
    7. Radio And Television Broadcasting And Communications Equipment   Important   Fair   Fair
    8. Computer Manufacturing   Important   Good   Good
    9. Computer peripheral equipment   Important   Fair   Fair
    10. Computer Software: Programming, Data Processing   Important   Good   Good
    11. Professional Services   Important   Good   Good
    12. Retail: Computer Software & Peripheral Equipment   Important   Fair   Fair
    Associated Information
    Technology Investment Outlook - CNBC - 18 Jan 2011

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