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Name: eBay Inc. Stock
Symbol: EBAY
EBAY stock chart
EBAY stock drops 20%
Jim Cramer Calls EBAY Hapless Recommends Selling the Stock
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Step 1. Review the Securities Analysis   (Show detailed report)
1. Importance Important   EBAYs stock performance is important to understand when thinking about the industry and sub-industry segments they participate in.
2. Wisdom Important   When EBAYs stock is doing well, others in the industry are likely to do well.
3. Knowledge Important  
4. Current Assessment Fair   EBAY is in a protracted mode of low growth, sluggish market share growth, and ailing profits. It's best days are over.
5. Future Assessment Fair   EBAYs stock price is likely to remain unchanged when measured in one year. Sales are sluggish and the economy is likely to be sluggish throughout 2011.
Step 2. Consider the Future Assessment Probabilities, Reasons and Explanations
   Possible Outcome Probability Value Reasons and Explanations
1. Awesome   10% 15%+
2. Good   10% 5%+
3. Fair   60% 0%+
4. Bad   10% <-5%
5. Terrible   10% <-10%
Step 3. Consider the Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicator Analysis Summary   
Key Performance Indicator Importance   Current Assessment   Future Assessment  
1. 20-50-100 day Simple Moving Average     Important   Fair   Bad
2. 5-10-20 day Simple Moving Average     Important   Fair   Bad
3. 50-100-200 day Simple Moving Average     Important   Fair   Bad
4. Bollinger Bands     Important   Fair   Fair
5. MACD     Important   Fair   Bad
6. Parabolic SAR     Important   Bad   Bad
7. Price / Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio)     Important   Fair   Fair
8. RSI     Important   Bad   Bad
9. Stochastic Oscillator     Important   Fair   Bad
10. Stock Price and Volume     Important   Bad   Bad
11. Stock Splits     Important   Fair   Fair

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